Viktoria Grgurin

Viktoria Grgurin

I am a Croatian who grew up and lived in Vienna/Austria before moving to Belgium in 2018. After giving birth to a beautiful son in 2019 I am the driving force behind AyurYoga since January 2020.
In my Yoga classes I like to guide you with elegance, focus and playfulness to find your own yoga, the asana’s and movements that work for you. My approach to Yoga combines wisdom from various yoga styles and other conscious practices like the 5 rhythms as well as from somatic experiencing (Peter Levin) and life itself.

My Yoga style is based on Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga, inspired by a wide range of Yoga and movement practices. The Yoga classes are flowing sequences and involve a constant exchange between effort and surrender, strengthening and stretching. This mobilises and activates our entire body, soul and mind.

One of my specialities is Aerial Yoga, which I am offering at AyurYoga. To find out more about Aerial Yoga, click here.

Besides teaching Yoga, Viktoria also works as Somatic Experiencing Practitioner i.t. and as Personal & Life Coach in the group practice De Ondersteuning that is connected with AyurYoga and located in the same house.

I am looking forward to meeting you!

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