Heal your inner self

We can heal and unblock our inner energies through our yoga practice, since every yoga pose and sequence is unique and multifaceted. The series uses yoga poses, which can help to activate, balance, and heal your energy flow. The series is a good way to begin your yoga routine and perfect if you want to start your yoga journey.

The series “Heal your inner self” contains 8 yoga practices and it is ideal for beginners

The first part of the series (1-4) allows you to learn more about them within yourself, while also balancing your energies. The practice will mainly allow you to activate your different body parts (midsection, upper body and the extremities). These sequences can help you if you are feeling a bit anxious and in need of some quiet grounding.

The second part of the series (5-8) can help to work on strengthening the muscles as well. You can also  learn how to boost your energy if needed; how to calm your body and mind if you feel anxious and stressed, and how to slow your heart rate and bring yourself back to reality. 

1.       Activate and ground the midsection of your body
2.       Draw attention and focus to the Upper body
3.       Pay attention to the extremities
4.       Build a strong foundation
5.       Build strength for the whole body
6.       Energize your full body
7.       Calm and relax your mind and body
8.       Keep your body grounded and centered


TimeMonday, 19u45 – 20u45
Dates: on 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 May and 13, 20, 27 June
Price: you can book the two parts separately or the whole series:  Part 1 (1-4) = 50€ OR Part 2 (5-8) = 50€ OR the whole series = 90€
If you are already an AyurYoga member you can book it also with your 10-beurtenkaart.
TeacherOrsolya Sandor
Teaching language: English / French

You can book the entire series or a single class via our online registration tool.